Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accommodate reservations, however tables turn over quickly, and generally, we are not completely full at the Bloor St location full before 5pm, or after 8pm.

We only have seating at our Bloor Street Location.

On the main floor we have 8 stools for folks who are grabbing a quick bite or a slice. We also have two chairs for folks waiting on take-out. Upstairs we have a full license and 35 seats at tables. Food ordered and paid for at the main counter will be brought up to our dine-in customers by staff when it is ready.

Our Pape Ave Location has no dine-in capabilities. We have no tables nor seats for customers to consume food. We have a small padded bench for customers waiting for their orders or for individuals who require a place to sit while in the shop.

We make a new t-shirt every year, as well as tote bags in the fall.
Currently you need to come into our shops to get our merchandise.

Right now we have a few different shirts and hoodies on offer, as well as record player slipmats, toques, tote bags, pennants and temporary tattoos. In the spring (May 2019) we will have an online store for out of town pizza pals.

Calling the shop during our business hours is the quickest and best way to reach us!

BLOOR STREET — 416.516.4555

PAPE AVE — 416.778.1234

If you have a non-urgent question not covered in this section, or you want to inquire about a special or large order, please email us at calories@apiecalypsenow.com

Sadly, we do not have nutritional information for our menu items.

The nature of our pizzas make them hard to pin-down calorie or other information wise. Toppings vary from pie to pie, depending on their distribution. We don’t use measured amounts for our pizzas (we eyeball them for the most part aside from dough which is weighed) and the distribution per slice can vary. Toppings themselves are made in house and often hand cut to different sizes. There is no way of knowing how many of these variables have shifted with each pizza we make. The same is true of sides, with hand cut fries we cant know how many fries are in a serving or what the variation on those are. Someday we may be able to afford to have some of our more popular items analyzed, but at this time the best we can do is say that if it feels like it has a lot of calories, it probably does; donuts are still donuts even if they are vegan; and there is not now, nor will there ever be, a healthy way to deep fry a candy bar.

Yes, it’s vegan, no, it isn’t all health food.

Unfortunately we have a number of nuts on site.

On our pizzas there is a high-risk for anyone that is allergic or sensitive to cashews. We make a cashew ricotta in house and our slice cutter wheel will at most times have residue from cashews on it during service. We also have the cashew cheese in our ingredient station so it can be on surfaces, tools or utensils in a trace or small quality, without staff realizing, during a busy service. If you have a severe or significant allergy to cashews we would advise against eating things from our menu at this time–we do not want anyone to fall ill or be at risk while enjoying a meal from our restaurant.

Other nuts we have on site are used on our donuts and desserts. Currently the shop has the following nuts on premises:

  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Coconuts

If you are sensitive to something we can do our best to accommodate you if you communicate with our staff before you order–everything is made to order so we may be able to help you avoid a certain ingredient or item depending on what it is. If you are curious about our ability to make something accessible to you, please contact us. Our staff can tell you ingredients or possible risks over the phone. 416 516 4555. 

We do!

6/10 of our signature pizzas can be made gluten free. We also offer a few different gluten free sides. All of our dips are gluten free. All of our non-alcoholic drinks are gluten free.

At the Bloor St Location, we offer a gluten free cider option on our alcoholic drinks menu upstairs.

all our gluten free items are marked on the menu with a “GF”. You can view our current menu here.

PLEASE BE ADVISED — Our restaurant is full of gluten. We are not a Gluten Free facility. We have a high concentration of wheat flour in the shop at all times. There is always a risk of cross contamination despite all our best efforts and individuals who are celiac or allergic to wheat should be aware of this risk, and to be safe, we would advise against eating at our restaurant if you could be harmed or made ill by trace or small amounts of gluten.

((If you are looking for a great GF vegan business to patronize, Bunner’s Bake Shop in Kensington Market and the Junction is a 100% gluten free facility and they are some of our favourites.))


For pizza we ask that you please call the Bloor Street Location at 416 516 4555 between 12-8pm, or email calories@apiecalypsenow.com

For Desserts/Baking please email calories@apiecalypsenow.com and we can get you a quote and an invoice within one business day.

Currently we are able to take special orders with two business days notice:

  • Full size donuts, up to 36 pieces.
  • Mini donuts, up to 48 pieces.

We are able to take special orders for the following with 1 weeks notice:

  • Full size donuts up to 90 pieces.
  • Mini donuts up to 120 pieces.
  • 9″ and 6″ Fruit Pies
  • 9″ and 6″ Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Pies
  • Gluten Free Brownies up to 48 pieces.
  • Cookies or Squares up to 48 pieces.

We are also able to accommodate larger catering orders with plenty of notice! If you have an event or a wedding and are looking for a large number of pizzas, donuts, or some other idem send us an email and we will get back to you within one business day.

Our BLOOR STREET Location has WINTER HOURS in effect. It is open:

12 noon to midnight Tuesday to Saturday
*(Fubar: our bar and upstairs seating area, is open from 12pm to 11pm)
12 noon to 8pm Sunday.
*(Fubar: 12-8pm)

Our PAPE AVE location is temporarily closed, and will reopen late spring/early summer, 2019.

We have two locations! Our main, full service restaurant is located at 735 Bloor Street West in Toronto. We are across the street from Christie Pits Park, and Christie Subway Station on the South-East Side of the intersection!

Our new East-End take out and grocery location is at 862 Pape Ave in Toronto. We are across the street from the KFC just south of Moritmer, at Sammon Ave, and a couple blocks north of Pape Subway Station.

We do! We have wifi and welcome folks to hang out and work upstairs at our Bloor Street location until 4pm, and enjoy our wifi. We close the wifi and the upstairs to prepare for dinner between 4 and 4:30pm.