What are you doing Sunday March 20? Coming to the Toronto Vegetarian Association Vegan Bakeoff we hope! Jen, our owner has two sweet entries throwing back to the bakery days from her first show, and Brenton, the kitchen head and co-operator of the pizza joint will be representing his pet project Grains Grains Grains with a savoury entry! Don't miss out! for more details!

Toronto's Favourite Baked Goods!

We won the 2014 NOW Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Bakery in the city of Toronto! We have a selection of baked goods and donuts every day at our new location across from Christie Pits Park!

Donuts Everyday!!

We love sweets! Every day we have a selection of donuts that ROTATES DAILY! Favourites that we cycle through include mini boston creams to red velvet, pistachio cream, smores, chocolate almost, lemon poppyseed to the always popular cookie fudge peanut bombs. The case rotates daily with most of the favourites in stock each day Tuesday-Sunday. The golden time to grab one is between 1pm and 4pm, after that they start being in sell-out territory!

Simpson's Donuts!

Every single day at the new location we have our most popular donuts, based on the best donuts's in the world! mmm, pink. Grab one or a dozen to take home!