It's Thanksgiving time!!! And we're doing what we are famous for: PIES. Click the link in the menu above to order yours! This year, given that 90% of what was ordered last year was pumpkin, we are focusing like a laser beam on the thing you all want the most, our award winning, super special, organic, all vegan, hand made, one-of-a-kind, punched in the mouth by a pumpkin pie.

Toronto's Favourite Baked Goods!

We won the 2014 NOW Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Bakery in the city of Toronto! We have a selection of baked goods and donuts every day at our new location across from Christie Pits Park!

Donuts Everyday!!

We love sweets! Every day we have a selection of donuts from mini boston creams to red velvet to the always popular cookie fudge peanut bombs. The case rotates daily with most of the favourites in stock Tuesday-Sunday.

Simpson's Donuts!

Every single day at the new location we have our most popular donuts, based on the best donuts's in the world! mmm, pink. Grab one or a dozen to take home!